Classes & Locations

There are currently 6 dojos open in Australia: 5 in Sydney and surrounding New South Wales and 1 in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland

​Panania Dojo

This dojo holds training once a week for all ages during NSW school terms.

Address: 77 Anderson Ave, Panania NSW 2213
Training times: All ages Coloured belts (kyu grades) - Monday 5:30 - 7:00pm.

Dojo Teacher: Sensei Edward McDonald 6th Dan




​Chatswood Dojo

Located in Chatswood, this dojo holds training twice a week for all ages.
Address Thursday: Chatswood Baptist Church Cnr Orchard Rd &, Albert Ave, Chatswood NSW 2057 Saturday: Chatswood Salvation Army hall upstairs at 23 Archer St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Training times:
Thursday 6:30 - 8:00 pm (All ages)
Saturday 3:30 - 4:30 pm (Black belts), 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm (All ages)
(Please call ahead for Saturday classes as times or location may change due to availability of the school hall)

Dojo Teacher: Sensei Howard Leong 4th Dan




Toukley Dojo

Drop them off on Thursday and go grocery shopping or relax at the nearby Club! Very convenient for anyone near Toukley, Wyong or or Hamlyn Terrace.

Address: Toukley Community Hall Corner of Victoria Road and Main Road, Toukley NSW 2263.

All ages - Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Dojo Teacher: Sensei Jason Gregory, 3rd Dan




Queensland Sunshine Coast Dojo

Located at Bli Bli State School Hall, this dojo holds training once a week for all grades.

Address: 33 School Road Bli Bli QLD 4560

Training times: Tuesday 6pm - 7:30pm

Dojo Teacher: Sensei Stephen Hoye 6th Dan




University Technology Sydney Karate-do Club

Located at University Technology Sydney (UTS), Itosu-kai Karate-do helps the UTS Karate-do Club with teaching and training to this new university club once a week for beginners and experienced students of any style.

Address: Ross Milbourne Sports Hall Dance Studio, Building 4, 745 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

Training times:
Tuesday 5:30pm - 7pm
Thursday 5:30pm- 7pm

Dojo Teacher: Sensei Howard Leong 4th Dan